Little Pouches pattern

I’ve recently designed a new pattern. It’s a little zipped pouch with a few different options included: flat & simple or with little vertical pleats, with or without an easy-to-make wrist strap. The lining is padded for practicality. I prefer padding the lining rather than the exterior as I think it’s easier & adds shape & structure to the pouch without it looking padded.

For more information on this or any of my other patterns, go to my “Patterns for Sale” page.

This PDF pattern is available for sale  here or here.


Mini Twist Clutch Pattern

etsy turq good “Mini Twist Clutch”  pattern & instructions now for sale here.

It may look difficult but the pattern does most of the work for you – stitch at just the right place  in the centre, twist, join the dots and voila!

Perfect for adding an interesting zip puller to, such as a Leather Tassel, no?

etsy purple w tassel

Pleated Clutch Pattern

Sunray Pleated Clutch

I’ve just put up for sale the pattern and instructions for this clutch bag. The front has a sunray pleated detail and there are little pleats at the bottom corners to give volume. The sunken/ hidden zip makes it look sophisticated and finished -I just don’t think an exposed zip cuts it as an evening bag.

I’ve made it in a Duchess (i.e. heavy/ matt) satin, but brocades and shantung type silks or even  a heavy polished cotton would work. Lighter fabrics would need to be backed first with some fusible interfacing. I’m looking forward to trying it in a stripe as I love the wonky effect of this kind of pleating when made in striped fabric.

I’m going to be keeping my eye out in charity shops for horrible clothes made in great fabrics to cut up and make into this clutch.

The pattern is available here and here

Jetsetter Wallets Pattern

jetsetter wallet

I have just added my first PDF pattern for sale on my Etsy shop. It’s a fully lined fabric purse with a stylish “hidden-zip” construction, sized to hold banknotes, coins, credit card & even passport.

There are 4 applique patterns included to stitch on the front:  dollar, pound, euro & yen symbols. You can organise your leftover foreign currency ready for the next trip, or adorn with your home currency symbol for an everyday accessory.

It comes with 4 pages of instructions that explain step-by-step my secrets for making this construction look great using a domestic sewing machine.

My previous post shows how to make an interesting zip puller for this wallet. As soon as I get time I plan to add here on constructivblog a few extra tips for making this pattern in leather and plasticated/ coated canvas materials.

The pattern is available for sale here
& here