About Constructivism

I have been making and sewing since I can remember & have also worked as an accessory designer & pattern maker for many years.

I love hand-made but don’t believe it should equal messy or amateur looking! I want to help others who feel the same achieve a satisfying, quality finish by adapting the tips & tricks of the professionals for ordinary home sewers.

I have recently started to design & sell pdf patterns for accessories online through my etsy shop.

My aim with my patterns is to do  all the nipping and tucking first so that the finished product comes together effortlessly with a clean, quality finish. I hone my instructions so that even complicated constructions reveal themselves as you go along, as if by magic!

Here on constructivblog I will be adding any ideas I get for adapting, or adding to, my etsy shop patterns.

Each to her own, but to me there is already an over-supply of overly simple, cutsie accessory patterns on the internet. I want to show amateur sewers how to make  up-to-the minute styles with designer details that a grown woman might wear.

Please keep in touch with any feedback. I would love to see the fruits of your own endeavours!


3 thoughts on “About Constructivism

  1. So happy to have found you. I appreciate your professionalism. I have sewn for 40 years and do the cutesy stuff BUT for myself I only use high end fabric and am a little too much of a perfectionist, therefore do not sew clothing for others.

    • I know what you mean. I think that’s why I really love making patterns as I can indulge my perfectionism on something that will (hopefully!) be used over and over. I guess the cute thing is just a matter of personal taste. I’ve just always had an aversion to things looking “home made”, but I don’t mind them looking “hand-made”!

  2. I am glad that I found you also. I believe that perfectionism you are speaking of is prevelent in those who desire quality in design and workmanship. I am another one who falls into that category. Thank you for your inspiration and thought provoking designs!

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