Butterfly zip pull

I’ve been trying to come up with an interesting zip pull for my pattern customers that can be made in fabric rather than leather, while overcoming the problem of frayed edges. Here are the instructions for one I’ve just made.

First cut a strip of fabric about 3cm wide by 15cm long. If the fabric is thin, such as a light cotton or silk, use a fusible interfacing to add some body and stabilize it.  Heavier fabrics, such as denim, will not need this.

Measure and mark the centre line along the back of the fabric. Fold in the edges of the strip, wrong sides together, so that they ALMOST meet the centre line. Pin & iron flat.

Fold the strap again in half, so that the folded edges meet. Pin & iron. Stitch through all layers along length, close to the edge.

Pass the strap through a small (10 – 15 mm) ring which you will be able to attach to the zip cursor later (see here for more instructions regarding this). Leave one end slighty longer  (1 – 2 cm) than the other.

Fold both ends inwards so that they meet the ring.

Hold everything together firmly and sew through all layers with a short length of stitching just below the ring. Reverse and stitch back a couple of times to secure the stitching.


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