Mini Twist Clutch Pattern

etsy turq good “Mini Twist Clutch”  pattern & instructions now for sale here.

It may look difficult but the pattern does most of the work for you – stitch at just the right place  in the centre, twist, join the dots and voila!

Perfect for adding an interesting zip puller to, such as a Leather Tassel, no?

etsy purple w tassel


9 thoughts on “Mini Twist Clutch Pattern

  1. I am so excited about this pattern. I just bought both clutches this afternoon from your website. I am going to make my daughters one and my mother one for Christmas.
    I have to get use to cm, I’m used to inches.

    • Thanks! I hope you received the patterns ok. Good point about inches vs metric. I hadn’t though about that & the majority of people who have bought my patterns so far have been from the US. I will add conversions from now on! (The only one I’m familiar with is that the 1.5cm seam allowances = 5/8 ” . My mum “thinks” in inches too so that’s how I learnt to sew!).
      Best wishes with the Christmas presents and do let me know if you have any feedback or questions.

  2. I love this pattern. Following the directions was very easy and the zipper looks terrific. I made two of these, one in a brocaded silk and one from a bamboo linen blend. The silk one came out perfectly, and the linen, well, linen wrinkles and I had a very hard time pressing it after tuning it inside out. But the twist part was fabulous. Thank you. I can hardly wait until the next pattern comes out.

  3. I’ve just made this one, and I love it, even though I speak spanish and don’t have a perfect english, the instructions were very easy to follow.. But I kinda skip some steps because I didnt understand ahahaha, anyway I managed to finish the purse! And it turned out pretty good. I can’t wait for your next purse pattern.

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