How to make a Leather Tassel

red tassel close upWith just a small piece of leather and basic tools you can make this leather tassel to add to something you make, or to pep up something  you’ve bought. Adjust the length as you desire – long strands can be glamorous on a bag, on coat pockets little short tassels might be better.

You’ll need:

*a small metal ring about 10mm internal diameter (find in jewellery/ beading or craft stores)

*Approx. 15 x 15 cm piece of leather

*Double sided tape

*Masking Tape

*heavy (preferably linen) thread

*leather hole punch

*Scissors or scalpel knife (depending on thickness of leather)

*Square Ruler

cover with tapeStep 1: Cover your leather, on the right side, with rows of masking tape. Slightly overlap each row to make it easier to peel off later. Don’t press tape down too much.

diagramStep 2: Measure & draw directly onto the masking tape, following the diagram above, using a square ruler to ensure all the lines are at right angles.

make slits

Step 3: Cut around outer edge with scissors or scalpel. Use hole punch to make the 2 small holes (using a piece of heavy leather behind makes punching easier) . With scissors cut all of the 5mm wide strands only up as far as the horizontal line.

Step 4: Pull off all masking tape.


Step 5: Cut double-sided tape into narrow strips & apply 3 rows to back of leather, all the way along top. Remove protective layer on tape.

Step 6: Pass tab of leather at top through the metal ring and fold down tab to stick to tape.

Step 7: Fold over end of tassel once (as photo above). Use hole punch through existing holes to make holes in exactly the same place below.

Step 8: Continue rolling/ folding one turn at a time and each time make the 2 new holes directly below the last holes.trim

Step 9: When you get to the end of the leather, if there is excess trim as close as possible to the holes. Cut along  the closest strand, as shown above.


Step 10: Stitch thread through holes a few times, pulling thread firmly each time you pass it through. You shouldn’t need a needle if the thread is heavy enough.

knotWhen both ends of thread are at the back of the tassel (ie the side that has the end of leather showing), knot twice & pull tightly. Trim ends of thread.

To attach to an ordinary zip puller, see my previous post “Making a chunky leather zip pull”. On some bags, such as the purple clutch at the top of this post, it’s best to add a few rings to make a small chain before you get to the tassel so that it hangs in a good position on the bag.


2 thoughts on “How to make a Leather Tassel

  1. The tassle is great instructions. Why not try in ultra suede? Ultra suede is more readily available than leather. Bet is would be great. Beatrice

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